Exercise Classes

Join us at Emmer Green Playing Fields!
We have an amazing community of varied abilities who love to laugh, chat, and keep themselves moving.
You should fit right in!
If you want to try one, your first class is FREE.
Just contact us to book on!
Check out our latest Timetable:



As you can see we run a fortnightly timetable to keep things interesting, that way if you’re only able to join in at a particular time and day, you can still experience other classes as well. That said, Combat Combos is our community favourite, so we have made sure to make that as regular as possible.

Of course, the problem with outdoor classes is that the weather can be typically British. But have no fear, if it is looking especially cold and wet, then I’ll just send you an email with a link and we will do it on zoom instead.



Your Subscription Includes:

  • All Outdoor and Online Exercise Classes
  • Access to our Catalogue of Class Recordings
  • Entry to our Community Facebook Group

All for just £35 per month


To Book your place on a class just simply Text, Email, or Message me via Social Media.
We do ask that if you need to book or cancel on the same day, that you text, as we may already be out with other sessions.


To sign up or book you can book using the following details:

0750 333 6773




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EmpoweringPT Fitness Class in the park. Enjoy fitness