Karate Tuition and Demonstration by James Edwards
EmpoweringPT Karate Teacher James Edwards showing Double Punch

Shotokan Karate Tuition

Detail is what distinguishes those who do well, and those who excel in Karate.
And that is why they come to see me.


By removing you from a class environment where you are just one of many practitioners, you can grow and develop your art to become the best you can possibly be.
These personalised sessions will help you to develop in the areas you feel are lacking, and support your journey towards your black belt and beyond!


With 18 years in the art, 13 of which as a black belt, and 8 years teaching, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge in the art. As a 4th Dan Black belt I have the training you need to develop your performance and enhance your Karate.

Whether it is for a grading, or competition, I can prepare you!



This service is available for all grades, as either individual or group training, meaning that you can train with family or friends (which is especially useful if you are looking to compete with a team kata).



If you are interested in knowing  more about my Karate tuition – click here.

EmpoweringPT are also running Online Karate Sessions too (click for  information).  We also have a great range of helpful karate videos on Youtube – take a look. 


Become Empowered Today!  Call 0750 333 6773 or email James Edwards.


Shotokan Karate Tuition

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