Self Defence Tuition & Classes


What would you do in a “Situation”?


I’m sure you have considered it, but what would you do if your back was against the wall and there was no other way out?


What could you do?


My Self Defence Tuition answers these questions, and guides you through the safest and most appropriate responses for numerous circumstances, all while preparing you for the unpredictable and chaotic nature of a real fight.



This is not Hollywood,
This is the Street,
There are No Second Chances…



Tailored to your skill and ability, this is the most efficient way to learning how to protect yourself. By adapting to your needs, I can show you how to fight according to your physique and skills, making it any generical syllabus look inefficient.

Learning to protect yourself is far more than just learning techniques. Within these sessions you will develop your mentality to be able handle the adrenaline, analyse a situation, and to react appropriately.

These sessions are more than just a tool to be used if needed, but a permanent deterrent and the key to creating positive habits that will decrease your chances of a physical confrontation.



Don’t let Self Defence be an afterthought;
Learn Today to Fight Tomorrow!



Self Defence Tuition is a personalised and private service which can be run as either a:

  • One to One Session
  • Two to One Session
  • Small Group Session



Contact me Today to learn the skills it takes to Protect yourself!


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self defence personal protection against a knife
self defence personal protection against a knife
James Edwards, Personal Trainer Self Defence, Empoweringpt profile image

I learned simple but effective ways to defend against kicks and punches

Amy McGuire

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and James is a very good teacher.  His knowledge about self defence is very good.

Emma McCarthy

It gave me a more positive outlook about being caught in threatening encounters.

Tony Longson

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