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Ever thought of taking up a Martial Art? Well Karate incorporates everything from Self Defence to Fitness. Together we will keep you fit and mentally sharp, all while relieving you of your stresses and aggression!  

Class Times at Kendrick School:   



18:00 – 19:55



10:00 – 11:00 – Additional Practice
11:00 – 12:00 – All Abilities



Pay As You Go (Beginners and Guests only) – £5

4 Classes – Monthly (Thursdays or Saturday Only) – £20 Per Month

8 Classes – Monthly (Thursday and Saturday) – £30 Per Month


Beginners and Practitioners are all welcome!


We recommend that all participants are over the age of six. However, at our discretion anybody younger may join in so long as a parent / guardian is there throughout. Beyond that, there is No Age Limit! The whole family can join in and train together. No matter what your ability is, there is always something to take away.


Karate has been proven to boost the mental ability of children, and prevents the deterioration of memory in adulthood. So not only will you learn new skills, including Self Defence, but you will feel smarter, fitter, and more relaxed too.  


What will you need?

Before beginning any class we require that you fill out a Physical Activity Readiness Form for each participant and send it back to James via email or our Facebook Page (EmpoweringPT). Without this you will be unable to join in, and a refund will not be offered for the missed class.
Other than that we recommend that you wear loose clothing (or a Gi if you have one), and have a bottle of water nearby.



Karate Tuition and Demonstration by James Edwards
Reading local Personal Trainer and Karate Teacher James Edwards
EmpoweringPT Karate Teacher James Edwards showing Gedan Barai
Personal Trainer and Karate Teacher James Edwards based in Tilehurst, Reading

We look forward to seeing you there!  

If you have any questions, or would like to enquire about any of our classes or private services please do not hesitate to contact James through:

EmpoweringPT Facebook Page

0750 333 6773


If you are interested in knowing  more about my Karate tuition – click here.  


We also have a great range of helpful karate videos on Youtube – take a look.   


Become Empowered Today!  Call 0750 333 6773 or email James Edwards