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The Beginners Beginning – What Results do you want?

Are you training with your fitness goals in mind,


or are you hoping that just looking at a resistance machine and piece of cardio equipment will give you the body that you want?


Now this is a long subject to cover. After all, you have a near infinite amount of results and possibilities to choose from. Everybody is unique, therefore your approach should be, whether you are following a programme or training with a PT. However, I am going to try and simplify it to the general fitness goals, and give you a rough idea of what it is that you are after.


The general populous can be listed as one of the following:

  • The Fat Burner
  • The All-Rounder
  • The Body Builder
  • The Athlete


The Fat Burner aspires to decrease their body fat percentage to lower the probability of developing heart disease and other health risks. Meanwhile they will also be beginning to get a grasp of the core principles of fitness. Naturally, their training will help them to decrease their body fat percentage, and begin to tone.


The All-Rounder’s aim is to improve their general fitness, typically by improving their aerobic endurance, strength, muscular endurance, power, and flexibility. This group is all about developing the core components of fitness so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle. Typically, these individuals will vary in appearance depending on their preferences, but are usually of a healthy weight, and reasonably toned or somewhat lean in terms of the comparison between body fat and their muscles density and size.


The Bodybuilder’s goal is to increase muscular size and strength for a more defined and aesthetic physique, whether this is to compete or to just look good. If their body fat percentage is kept low, they will look extremely lean and become quite vascular. However, some builders prefer a fuller look, and will have a larger body fat percentage.


The Athlete is similar to the All-Rounder in terms of the diversity of methods used, and that they are targeting overall fitness, but are much more likely to involve power. However, this is typically sport specific. So depending on their event, their training will naturally approach the relevant components of fitness i.e. power, aerobic endurance, flexibility etc.
Due to the variety of training that they will be taking part in, their appearance can vary. Despite this, a non-sport-specific individual can still train athletically; they will generally develop a very lean physique, with dense muscles rather than just overall size.

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You may swap and change category throughout your lifetime, or even experiment with new methods, but generally, most people stick with one of the last three once they have accomplished the initial Fat Burner stage.


The decision is yours, but this is where you must be honest with yourself. You should ask yourself a few questions before starting any training. This is to add perspective to what it is that you are trying to achieve, otherwise it will be difficult to start in the first place.


You cannot run a race when you do not know where the finish line is, it could be a sprint or a marathon for all you know. Keep your fitness goals in mind and you will maintain focus and motivation.


Give yourself some time to think, and honestly answer these questions:


Why are you wanting to train?
This is the hardest one to answer, so try to go deep. Why is it that you truly want to train? Is it an emotional reason? Were you bullied about your appearance? Have you been told that your health is at risk? Do you need to get fitter so that you can have a more fulfilling life?

There is no use in training without a driving force behind it. Find your reason, and when you do, this will motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. You may need help, but it will be achievable, one step at a time.


Now that you know why you want to change, what do you want to change?
Do you want to perform to the best of your ability, because you’re striving to make a sport your career? Are you training to lose weight, so that you can play with your children?


Notice how these goals relate to the results that you want within your life; this link should be your reminder every time that you doubt whether it is doable, and should be an assisting step over every hurdle.


It should start to become more obvious as to which category that you will fit into now, but there is just one more thing to consider when deciding which category you fit into.


Do you have any limiting factors, and can you overcome them?
Whether it is a disability, illness, injury, or lifestyle factor, most obstacles can be worked around, and should not force your training to suffer. However, do not mistake these for weaknesses. Our limitations force us to adapt; we should learn to live with them, or push through those we have control over.


Bruce Lee was short sighted, so before he wore contact lenses he kept his opponents close. This is why he began Wing Chun originally. He also had one leg longer than the other, so he led with his longer leg to achieve a better stance. It also meant he could reach his opponent more effectively. 


I myself have Asthma, but that does not stop me. If I want to do something, I am going to do it. So I assure you, there is almost always methods that can be implemented to adapt exercises to suit you. There is no excuse to not develop positive lifestyle habits. Nobody is the personification of physical perfection. However, take any limitations into account as this can affect your progress. Ask yourself again, is this goal right for me, or can the type of training have a negative impact?


Can you train?
This is the ultimate question. Do you have the goal, and the will to make a difference? If you immediately think yes, go for it. If it is a no, then it is probably not your time yet, and that is perfectly fine. Everybody has their own journey, and nobody can force you to do anything. Reconsider your goals and the depth that you have gone with it. You may have to just go a little deeper to realise why it is that you are considering this in the first place.


By now, you should know what it is that you want from your training.

Congratulations, you have set off on your journey, and if I am honest, this is the hardest part.


Training and nutrition can become a habit, but ultimately, it comes down to motivation. If you have set yourself the right goal, then there is nothing that can stop you on your path to developing your fitness.


The next step is deciding where to train, whether it is at home, in a gym, or with a Personal Trainer; this is usually based on finances and time, but it is completely up to you.


So what results do you want?


On the next Beginners Beginning blog I am going to discuss how you can begin your training, and the basics of what you should be doing to get the results that you want.

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